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With varying climates packed into this exotic small island Sri Lanka offers a range of adventures from the top of the mountains to the depths of the oceans. Sri Lanka’s wildlife ranges from wild elephants and leopards to sea turtles and a vast variety of birds. With multitude of roads winding through expanding mountains, lush green forests, paddy fields, parks and sleepy villages, Sri Lanka also offers many opportunities to keen hikers and trekkers.

Trail blazing through the tracks and paths on horse or elephant back too is a novel experience introduced recently. This exotic island is surrounded with the most breathtaking sandy beaches which are exactly create for the scuba diving and surfing. Today the oceans filled with coral gardens, multitude of exotic fishes and ancient wrecks Sri Lanka offers one of the best diving experiences in the world. Although comparatively new to the country surfing too has made its mark in the Southern and Eastern coasts of the island for the last twenty five years. Central Hills of this island will give you an different experience of thrilling feelings by crumbling the rocks beneath , head spinning heights and the earth expanding beneath when conquering many mountains of Sri Lanka or take over waterfall climbing with exciting climbs. National parks and bird sanctuaries, particularly in the southern and central zones, have the best opportunities to see animals in their natural habitat.

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